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UPSC Jobs: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a central agency of the Government of India for conducting recruitment to various departmental services and posts under the Union through the conduct of competitive examinations and personality tests. The UPSC also recruits to services posts under the Central Government by Selection through Interview. The UPSC recruitment is made by three methods namely Direct Recruitment, Promotion and Transfer (Deputation) Basis.

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The concept of a merit-based modern Civil Service in India was introduced in 1854, following Lord Macaulay’s Report of the Select Committee of British Parliament.

The Report recommended for a permanent Civil Service based on a merit-based system with entry through competitive examinations and abolition of the patronage-based system followed by the East India Company. This led to a Civil Service Commission which was set up in 1854 in London and competitive examinations were started in 1855 for the first time.

 Initially, the London based Indian Civil Service was based on a syllabus which incorporated European Classics with a predominant share of marks. This made it very difficult for Indian candidates to clear the examination. Nevertheless, in 1864, Shri Satyendranath Tagore (brother of Shri Rabindranath Tagore) became the first Indian to succeed.

Satyendranath_Tagore, The first Indian to join the Civil Services
Satyendranath Tagore, The first Indian to join the Civil Services

Petitions were filed by Indians for simultaneous examinations to be held in India but they were downplayed because the British Government did not want many Indians to succeed and join the Indian Civil Services. It was only after the Montagu Chelmsford reforms that this was agreed to. From 1922 onwards the Indian Civil Service Examination began to be held in India, first in Allahabad and later in Delhi with the setting up of the Federal Public Service Commission.

The root for the setting up of up a permanent office for the regulation of service matters and the Public Service Commission in India can be traced back to the first dispatch of India on the Indian Constitutional Reforms. This initiative took a more practical shape with the adoption of the Government of India Act, 1919.

UPSC Jobs Lee Commission Report
Report of the Royal Commission on the Superior Civil Services in India (Lee Commission Report, 1924)

Subsequent to the provisions of Section 96(C) of the Government of India Act, 1919 which provided for the establishment of a Public Service Commission and the strong recommendations made by the Lee Commission in 1924, the Public Service Commission was set up in India for the first time on October 1, 1926. The Commission consisted of four Members in addition to the Chairman. Sir Ross Barker, who was a member of the Home Civil Service of the British Government. With the inauguration of the Constitution of India on January 26, 1950, the Federal Public Service Commission came to be known as the Union Public Service Commission.

UPSC Jobs Pamphlet of the Indian Administrative Examination, 1954
Pamphlet of the Indian Administrative Examination, 1954

Constitutional Provisions of UPSC

The UPSC is governed the constitutional provisions made in Article 315 to Article 323 of the Constitution of India. The provisions made in the Articles are:

Article-315Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the States.
Article-316Appointment and term of office of members.
Article-317Removal and suspension of a member of a Public Service Commission.
Article-318Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of the Commission.
Article-319Prohibition as to the holding of offices by members of the Commission on ceasing to be such members.
Article-320Functions of Public Service Commissions.
Article-321Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions.
Article-322Expenses of Public Service Commissions.
Article-323Reports of Public Service Commissions.

Functions of UPSC

The Union Public Service Commission is, inter-alia, required to be consulted on all matters relating to recruitment to civil services and posts Under Article 320 of the Constitution of India. The functions of the Commission under Article 320 of the Constitution are:

  1. Conduct examinations for appointment to the services of the Union.
  2. Direct recruitment by selection through interviews.
  3. Appointment of officers on promotion / deputation / absorption.
  4. Framing and amendment of Recruitment Rules for various services and posts under the Government.
  5. Disciplinary cases relating to different Civil Services.
  6. Advising the Government on any matter referred to the Commission by the President of India.

What are the examinations conducted by UPSC?

UPSC conducts various examinations for selection of Central Government Jobs / Services. Prominent amongst them are:

  1. UPSC Civil Services Examination
  2. UPSC Engineering Services Examination
  3. UPSC Indian Economic Service and Indian Statistical Service Examination
  4. UPSC National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination
  5. UPSC Combined Defence Services Examination
  6. UPSC Indian Forest Service Examination
  7. UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination
  8. UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination

Please check the UPSC Annual Calendar of examinations for the complete list of examinations to be conducted by UPSC.

UPSC Jobs: UPSC Annual Exam Calendar

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has releases an Annual UPSC Exam Calendar for each year.

The 2021 UPSC Exam Calender can be referred for important examinations conducted by UPSC like Civil Cervices Examination (IAS & IFS), CDS, NDA, CAPF, EPFO and other dates reserved for UPSC Recruitment tests and Examinations. Please note that the dates so notified, commencement and duration of the examinations are liable to be altered, if the circumstances so warrant.

The UPSC Exam Calendar includes details of the examination, Date of Notification, Last date of receipt of the application, Date of commencement of exam and the duration of the exam.

Click here for the UPSC Annual Calendar 2021

The original notification can be found here.

How do I access the site to fill up the Online Recruitment Application (ORA)?

Please log on to to access the home page of the online Recruitment application.

When can I apply online application for a particular Recruitment? Can I apply any time during the year for a particular Recruitment?

The applicant can register himself/herself at any time 24X7, 365 days a year. However, an applicant can apply for a particular Recruitment only when it has been notified by the Commission. You should check the Employment News for indicative information and Commission’s website for detailed Advertisement and at the website for filling up the Online Recruitment Application.
For New Registration Click Here
If you are already registered and want to log in, Click Here

Can anyone apply online for a particular Recruitment?

Yes, an applicant who fulfills the eligibility criteria prescribed in the notification (i.e. the detailed information available on website) can apply for that particular Recruitment.

Are there any detailed instructions to guide an applicant for submitting an online application?

Yes, for filling up the Online Recruitment Application an applicant must refer to “Instructions for filling Online Recruitment Application” displayed on ORA website. Click Here for detailed instructions.

What should I do if there is lot of delay in accessing the page?

The delay in accessing the Page may be caused by various factors like Internet Speed, a large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore if you are not able to get the page for registration promptly, please retry after some time or during off-peak hours.

Is it necessary to fill up the details related to pin code/phone No. with area code/Mobile No./email?

Yes, it is mandatory to fill the Pin-code, one telephone number (residence, office or mobile no.) and e-mail address by the candidate. This is because the Commission may communicate electronically with applicant if mobile number and e-mail address is provided by the applicant.

How do I move to the next page when columns on one Module/Section(Page) have been completely filled in ?

When one Module/Section(Page) have been completely filled in, you should click on the “Save & Continue” button at the bottom of the same Module/Section( page). Thereafter, Click on the desired Module/Section(page) you want to move to next subject to the condition that administrator of ORA has not sequenced display of modules/sections.

Do I have to pay fee?

Yes, you have to pay fee if you do not belong to a fee exempted category (i.e. SC/ST/PH/FEMALE).

What is the procedure to pay the fee for the Online Recruitment Application?

There are three options for the payment of fee:
i) Pay by Cash in any branch of SBI, An applicant who wants to pay the fee by cash should take a print of the PAY-IN SLIP by clicking on the option “Print Bank Pay-in-Slip”. Making use of this pay-in-slip, an applicant can deposit the fee in cash at any branch of the State Bank of India (SBI). The bank will not accept any other challan/form for the payment of fee by cash. After depositing the fee by this pay-in-slip, the bank will provide a “TRANSACTION ID”. An applicant will again have to log in on the ORA website and start submission of the Online Recruitment Application by filling in the Fee payment details.
ii) Pay by credit/debit Card
An applicant can also pay the fee online using any VISA/MASTER DEBIT/CREDIT OR RUPAY CARD issued by any bank/institution.
iii) Pay by Net Banking facility of SBI.

I have made the payment through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking facility of SBI, but the ORA System is showing as fee not paid. How can I check/update the payment made?

In case of payment through Card, you have to make the payment again and again till payment details are updated in the ORA System. It is advised that if even after repeated attempts one is not able to pay the fee through credit/debit card, then he may either switch over to payment by cash mode or by Internet Banking of SBI.

If you have made successful payment through Net Banking of SBI but payment is not reflected in ORA, you have to update payment by using the appropriate link available on the payment page. After completing the fee payment process you should be able to see your application from ‘MY ACCOUNT (My finally submitted Application)’.

I have made multiple payments through credit card/debit card. Whether amount will be refunded back to me?

Yes, extra payments made against an application number shall be refunded automatically within 3-4 days.

Is there any bank other than SBI where fee can be deposited by cash?

No. Cash deposit of fees can be done only in State Bank of India.

I have taken the print of pay-in-slip by clicking on the Print option. I have deposited the cash in a branch of SBI through this Pay-in-slip. How will I re-enter the system to submit my transaction details of the fee if I log out of the system now?

An applicant, after having obtained the TRANSACTION ID number, should again log in by making use of the Registration ID and password.

After login check “Active application” and you will see ’pay fee’ link against the post you have applied for. Click on that link and enter here the relevant particulars in the various columns. The Registration ID is also available on the Pay-In-Slip.

Is there any other Form/Challan to pay fee by cash other than the pay-in-slip generated through ORA ?

No. An applicant must use the pay-in-slip generated by the ORA system. The Bank (SBI) will not accept the fee (in cash) through any other form or challan.

I have submitted the Online Recruitment Application. Should I send the printout of the application to the commission by post/by hand?

No, you are not required to send the printout of the application to the Commission by post/by hand. However, please retain a print out of your finally submitted online application (complete with Payment Details, if not fee-exempted applicant) as a proof of submission of your application to the Commission.

I am filling up the various modules in the Online Recruitment Application and the process is yet to be completed. I want to change the filled up information in one/many columns. How should I do this?
I have submitted my Online Recruitment Application. I have made some errors. What should I do to remove these errors?

You can change/update the information in different modules (except registration details) before the submission of the Online Recruitment Application. The system will show the preview of the completed application. You are advised that you submit your Online Recruitment Application when you feel that all information is correct. Once submitted, the information filled cannot be changed anymore. The candidate is also advised to check the quality of the photo and signature being uploaded.
The candidates may note that in case the quality of photograph/signature is not acceptable/ poor, then their application is liable to be rejected by the commission.
Please check the following links for
Acceptable photos / Acceptable Signatures
Non Acceptable photos / Non-acceptable signatures

In which format the scanned photograph and signature should be?

The images of the photograph and signature should be scanned in the .jpg format.

Whether the photograph should be in Black & white or should it be in a colour ?

Both are acceptable as long as they are as per the given specifications and also quality of photograph is good enough to be identifiable and acceptable.

What should be the size of the scanned photograph and the signature?

The candidate should scan his photograph and specimen signature in JPG format. The digital size of file should not exceed 300 KB each and must not be less than 20 KB. Minimum resolution of the file should be 350 pixels (Width) X 350 pixels (Height) and maximum 1000 pixels (Width) X 1000 pixels (Height). Bit Depth of image file should be 24 bit.

If the Photograph is not of the proper pixel size given, then how to convert it?

Use any image editing software such as MSPaint or Irfanview. To delete the unnecessary print area, use the CROP option after selecting the Image. To resize to proper pixel size use the resize option. Help for cropping / resizing can be seen here

If the Photograph is not in the desired format, then how to convert it?

If the image is in any other format such as .tiff, .bmp etc, then open the photo in MsPaint or Irfanview and click save as option to save it in the desired format (.jpg).

How do I load my signature/photograph?

The scanned photograph and signature, in the prescribed format and specification, are to be uploaded in the “Photo & Signature Upload” Module.

My photograph and signature uploaded on the website are not appearing to be in order. What should I do?

After uploading the photograph and signature a fresh page shows the preview of the uploaded images. If, the applicant is satisfied with the uploaded images he may click on Confirm Upload button. In case the applicant is not satisfied with the uploaded images, he may click on the Reload Photograph or Reload Signature button. The reloaded photograph/ signature can again be viewed by clicking on the Image refresh button. The process can be repeated till satisfaction. The Candidates may please note that if the quality of photograph/signature is poor or it is not in the prescribed format and specification, the application is liable to be rejected. After having clicked on the Confirm Upload button, the system will not allow any changes in the photograph/signature.

What documents am I supposed to upload in the UPLOAD DOCUMENT MODULE?

Applicants are required to upload supporting documents for various claims in ORA (Refer detailed advertisement). Applicants will have the option to upload PDF Files (Maximum size limit for each file – 01 MB) of relevant documents through one of the following two options available in ORA:

a) Through their Digital Locker Account, or
b) Through their computer’s local storage

If any uploaded document/ certificate is in a language other than Hindi or English, a transcript of the same duly attested by a Gazetted officer or notary is also to be uploaded. The uploaded PDF files must not be password protected.

Further, applicants are also required to click on ‘Upload Other Documents’ Module to upload any other documents (All merged in a single PDF file of maximum size up to 2 MB), if they wish to submit additional documents to the Commission in respect of other claims made in ORA.

I did not receive the e-mail intimation for submission of my Online Recruitment Application?

You will not receive any E-mail from UPSC for registering or submission of Online Recruitment Application.

After filling up the Online Recruitment Application, I got Blank Screen / Internet got disconnected / My PC closed/hanged / shutdown. Is my application saved?

You can fill different modules in multiple sitting. You are requested to press ‘Save and Continue’ Button after completing each module. The information up to the point where you last clicked the ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE” button shall be saved.

How do I know that my Online Recruitment Application is saved and have been received ONLINE in the Commission?

Please check if you can view your application under the link “MY ACCOUNT (My Finally Submitted Application)”. Your Application will not be treated as finally submitted unless and until it is available under the link “MY ACCOUNT (My Finally Submitted Application)” link. Please keep a print out of your online application for all future communication with the Commission.

What details should I retain after completion of submission of my Online Recruitment Application?

It is strongly advised that after the completion of the process of submission of the Online Recruitment Application, the applicant must take a print out of the submitted Online Recruitment Application and keep the same for future reference.

The candidate is also advised to keep his fee payment proof which might be required by the commission in case of any discrepancy.

What details should I provide while making correspondence with the Commission?

In case of correspondence with the commission an applicant must mention these details -Name of post for which he applied, vacancy no., Advertisement number, registration id, Applicant’s name, father’s name, date of birth and the application number generated by ORA website.

Can I take the print out of my finally submitted application after the prescribed closing date i.e. after the link is disabled at 23:59 Hrs on the closing date?

Printout of the Online Recruitment Application can be taken from the “My Account” link upto 24 hours after the prescribed closing date.

I am facing a problem in completing my Online Recruitment Application (ORA) for UPSC Jobs. How should I resolve my problem?

Kindly proceed as follows:-

Step 1 – Ensure that your Web Browser/ Internet Browser is of the latest version, JavaScript is enabled, Pop-up blocker is disabled. If the problem still persists, go to step 2.
Step 2 – Again refer to the relevant items/sections of the following documents accessible through the web links available on  the Existing Vacancy page:
Recruitment Advertisement
Instructions to the Candidates
Step 3 – If the problem is still not resolved, kindly communicate the problem being faced by you to ORA CELL of the UPSC on Telephone Number 011-23098591 (Extension Number 4754) DURING WORKING HOURS.

Where do I contact for any queries related to the recruitment for the post for which I have successfully submitted my online application?

Please refer to the website for details like Interview Schedules, Results, Cancellation, Corrigendum etc.
You may also contact at the Facilitation Counter of UPSC with vacancy number on following No. 23098543, 23385271 and 23381125 or visit UPSC Facilitation Counter at:
Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi – 110069.